ZenBookings 2012

I spent a little more than a year as the cofounder of a bootstrapped online booking startup called ZenBookings. It was geared toward small business owners who run repeating events, especially small classes.

Ultimately we couldn’t scale fast enough to be viable, so we ended the business in January 2013. I packed a lot of design work into that year — we were a team of only 3 people so I also did the bulk of the front-end development and even some Django.


I designed and built a marketing site for prospective customers and others who want to learn more about ZenBookings.

ZenBookings | Home
ZenBookings | Blog
ZenBookings | Sign Up ZenBookings | Customers

The console

The backend console allowed business owners to easily create and edit events, view customer details, and manage their calendar.

ZenBookings Console | Dashboard
ZenBookings Console | Add New Class
ZenBookings Console | Calendar
ZenBookings Console | Class

The business sites

Each ZenBookings user received a site for their business where their customers could sign-up for in their events, including payment powered by PayPal. The sites were customizable through the console without coding. These are images from demo sites.

ZenBookings | Class Page Example
ZenBookings | Booking Confirmation Example