Postcards for Maryland Institute College of Art 2008, 2013

The postcards remind students of important dates in the coming semester. The theme was open as long as the dates were clear.

MICA Accounts Postcard
MICA Accounts Postcard

Bottle label/tap handle stickers for Beer Valley Brewing Company 2009, 2010

Each beer has a theme that dictates the specific imagery that Beer Valley wanted to see on the illustration.

Beer Valley Illustrations | Rosebud
The Rosebud design pays tribute to Portland, the Rose City and legendary hub for craft beer.
Beer Valley Illustrations | Gone Fishin
Gone Fishin shows a rainbow trout in the Owyhee River near Beer Valley’s location in Ontario, Oregon.

Various illustrations for Syrup 2011

Syrup is an unreleased image “sticker“ web app I made with Jackson Palmer. We made it as a fun side project in 2011 before stickering apps became more popular alongside the rise of Instagram.

Syrup | Crown Syrup | Crown Syrup | Crown Syrup | Crown
Syrup | Cake Syrup | 8-bit Explosion Syrup | 1up Syrup | Heart Syrup | Pokemon Gameboy Missing No.
The 8-bit nostalgia ones were particularly fun to make. Yes, that’s Missing No. from the original Pokemon GameBoy games on the right. Jackson was the prompt for most of the other ones.
Syrup | 90s Broken Image Syrup | 90s Broken Image
These two might be my absolute favorite though. Never enough 90s UI nostalgia.