I've designed marketing projects for 2 Adobe products. Adobe Muse is a WYSIWYG web design tool for designers who want to create websites without writing code.. 2011

I designed the first website to promote Muse, built with Muse itself. It adapted the main designs for Muse’s unique content, and showed off some of Muse’s capabilities within the site build itself.

Adobe Muse | Home
Adobe Muse | Showcase Adobe Muse | Tech Specs
Adobe Muse | Features 2010–2011

Business Catalyst is geared toward web designers who want to quickly and easily hook CMS, CRM, and eCommerce capabilities into the sites they build for their clients.

Adobe Business Catalyst | Home
Adobe Business Catalyst | Support Home Adobe Business Catalyst | Support Tutorial
Adobe Business Catalyst | Tour

Web Invaders 2010

I designed and built a web game to promote Adobe Business Catalyst, inspired by Space Invaders.

Web Invaders | Game Intro
Web Invaders | Game Play
Web Invaders | Landing